Open-Aire Respiratory Meds

Are You Using Any Breathing Medications?

How are you keeping your airways open? Have you been prescribed breathing medications by your doctor and do you take them as prescribed? Often patients are prescribed medications, but they don't follow the prescription due to the cost of the medication or they have difficulty going to the pharmacy to pick up their medication.

There are alternatives. Did you know that Medicare can help cover your medication cost if you use liquid alternatives delivered through a nebulizer compressor system? These can be much less costly medications than what you are taking now. Liquid respiratory medications and nebulizer supplies may be covered under Medicare Part B. By using your Part B benefits, you may have more freedom to spend your Part D healthcare dollars on other needed medications and necessities.

But that’s not the only benefit! Not only are the medications affordable under your Medicare plan, but the equipment is small, portable and convenient. Open-Aire, through Lincare affiliate Reliant Pharmacy,* provides you with state of the art equipment that goes where you do, so you never have to miss a treatment.

With Open-Aire:

    redbullet   Our pharmacy will mail it directly to your home. Never worry about
         driving in bad weather or snow.
    redbullet   Our pharmacists are available 24/7. And we will call you monthly to
         confirm your order.
    redbullet   Your physician only has to sign for one prescription for a 12 month
    redbullet   It is affordable! Our medications are covered by Medicare Part B.
         Unlike inhalers which bill against Part D. You can save the Part D for
         your other medications!    

Contact our Case Managers today and let them know you are interested in our program for respiratory medications.

*Open-Aire and Reliant Pharmacy are both affiliate companies of Lincare Holdings Inc.