Common Questions

Respiratory Questions / Mobility Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions regarding portable oxygen concentrators.

Q. Does Medicare cover the Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Yes. If you have Medicare part B they cover their standard 80%. You will be responsible for the 20% co-payment unless you have supplemental insurance to cover this amount.

Q:  Why do people on oxygen therapy prefer to travel with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Because, unlike traditional or outdated systems, the Portable Oxygen Concentrator is specifically designed for the active oxygen user, is welcomed by most commercial airlines, and virtually eliminates all the cost, worry, and hassle of traveling with oxygen. With a Portable Oxygen Concentrator you are no longer held back by the time and distance limitations of your current oxygen therapy. Now, whether you are traveling locally or nationally, you'll enjoy the freedom and convenience of unlimited oxygen anywhere - especially on planes, cruises or in the car.

Q:  Which commercial airlines allow the Portable Oxygen Concentrators on board?

All Portable Oxygen Concentrators offered by Open-Aire conform to applicable FAA acceptance criteria for POC use on board commercial flights.

Q:  Can I bring the Oxygen Concentrator on a cruise?

Most cruise lines will accept passengers who require oxygen with advance notice of at least 10 days and you must arrange for your own oxygen equipment.

Q:  Can I use a Portable Oxygen Concentrator while I sleep?

Most patients are able to, but you may want to speak to your doctor and let him/her determine whether or not a Portable Oxygen Concentrator is appropriate for you while you sleep. An overnight pulse oximetry test may be necessary to measure your oxygen saturation level while using a Portable Oxygen Concentrator at night. In the event that you cannot, Open-Aire can supply you with additional equipment to meet your need.

Q:  How much is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator? 

We have several payment options depending on your coverage and your needs. To find out which unit is best for you call 1-888-602-7005 to speak with a Respiratory Consultant about your options.

Q:  How long can a Portable Oxygen Concentrator operate on battery power? 

It is important to remember that battery life varies from unit to unit and depends on the patients' liter flow setting. A Respiratory Consultant can help determine what your own usage time will be based on model and LPM settings.

Q:   How do I know which Portable Oxygen Concentrator is right for me?

Ultimately it is a decision for you and your doctor to make. However, please speak with one of our Respiratory Consultants first and they will explain the particular benefits of each unit and help you take the first step to deciding which will be clinically efficient and fit your lifestyle.

Q:   Does the unit make its own oxygen?

Yes. So long as the unit has access to its battery power or an external power source, the unit can make unlimited oxygen.

Q:   Where are you located?

Our administrative offices are located in Daytona Beach and Pompano Beach, Florida. Open-Aire is a National, fully accredited CHAP oxygen provider.