OxyGo Portable Oyxgen Concentrator

Use Your Medicare Benefits!

Are You Eligible for Medicare?

Do you have Medicare Part B?

Individuals with Medicare Part B may be eligible to use their benefits towards a portable oxygen concentrator. If you qualify, an Open-Aire Case Manager will work with Medicare and your doctor to help process your claim.

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Are Portable Oxygen Concentrators Right for You?

Has the word "active" been removed from your lifestyle since you've been put on oxygen?

Oxygen therapy hasn't always been very portable. Patients were limited to homebound activities or had to plan at great length even for short outings. But with the introduction of commercial airline approved portable oxygen concentrators you can be just as independent and spontaneous as ever.

Join thousands of customers just like you who have discovered how to live freely with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator from Open-Aire.

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